Infinix Zero 3 Vs Note 3 – which should you buy?

Infinix Zero 3 Vs Infinix Note 3

If you find it difficult choosing the one to buy between Infinix Zero 3 and Infinix Note 3, you are the right place. I will be comparing this two beast based on the features and individual specification, and also prices of these phones. Let dive in to the comparison proper, after comparing each feature, i will give a verdict on the winner, then at the end we declare the overall winner.


Infinix note 3 vs Zero 3

Camera on Zero Vs Note 3

Infinix Zero 3 has a 20.7MP rear or back camera with Dual LED flash, 5MP front camera with flash


Infinix Note 3, 13MP back or rear camera with LED flash, 5MP front camera with flash.

Verdict: Judging by the pixel capacity or number, sure Zero 3 20MP camera will sure take better camera compared to the 13MP on Note 3. Both of them has the same camera on the front, so there’s no difference in that part.

Winner: Infinix Zero 3

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5.5inch 1080p FHD (400ppi) on the infinix Zero 3 VS 6.0inch 720p IPS technology on the Note 3.

Verdict: the two phones features a sharp display technology, so its all boils down to choice. Do you like bigger screen on the Note 3 or the Smaller screen on the Zero 3?

Winner: Tie


Infinix Zero 3 features a 16GB RAM internal Storage and 3GB RAM VS 16GB internal storage with 2GB of RAM on Infinix Zero

Verdict: Higher Ram means higher number of apps open at the same and lower lags during usage, so Zero 3 will be faster in terms of application running. Both has the amount of internal storage and both supports memory card extension, to expand the storage memory of the phones.

Winner: Zero 3.

Battery or Endurance

3030mAh Battery on the Infinix Zero 3 VS the massive 4500MAh on the Infinix Note 3

Verdict: the battery on the infinix note 3 clearly beats of infinix zero 3 with about 1200MAh difference, so by all means Note 3 should have a longer endurance. This does not mean that zero 3 does not last long, it does, its just note 3 will last longer.

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Winner: Infinix Note 3


MTK Octa-core 64bit and IMG G6200 GPU for graphics  on the Zero 3


Octa-core 1.3GHz 64bit and ARM Mali-T720 MP3 450MHz GPU on Note 3

Verdict: Both devices are equipped with very fast 64bit Octa core processor and GPU for fast performance and graphic rendering. So the performance of the both phones in daily use is not that different.

Winnner: Tie.

Price comparison between Infinix Zero 3 and Note 3

Infinix Zero 3: you can buy the Infinix Zero 3 Now at Konga or Jumia for N59,000 – N65,000. For the Infinix Note 3 you can buy it Now at JUMIA at ₦110,000.

Verdict: The price of the Zero 3 is lesser than that of Note 3
Winner: Zero 3

All the other features are basically the same on the two phones. The question now is, Which of Note and Zero 3 is the winner? Well from the verdicts, Infinix Zero is the overall Winner both in specs and in price. Thats from my own point of view, you might be judging from a different angle, so let me know in the comment section what you think or which of the phone you think is better.

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